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Luca Patella, whose “transformational” works were shown at L’Attico in 1968, made 16 mm films closely related to Arte Povera, including “SKMP2”, 1968 (..)”; and “Terra animata” (Animated land), 1967: in this performance, conceived and filmed by Luca Patella, the photography of a ploughed field was mapped by two people using a long white tape. During this process of measuring, lines and angles were formed by the tape, indicating the differing shapes of the landscape.The movement of the human body in relation to the environment was also part of mapping the land. (..) Far from treating the film as a simple method of documenting the performance, Patella saw it as a composition of signs, and went on to make several photographic enlargements on canvas from the film.
Carolyn C. Bakargiev, ’99

( selection by A. Liberati )